01) World's largest slab of wood
World's largest slab of wood
02) Kauri and backhoes
Kauri and backhoes
03) Kauri slab with finish
Kauri slab with finish
04) Cork harvesting3 copy
Cork harvesting
05) Lignum Vitae bowling ball
Lignum Vitae bowling ball
06) English oak burl opening
English oak burl opening
07) D. Albrektson box
D. Albrektson box
08) Nak conoid 3 copy
Nak conoid
09) Livio's storefront
Livio's storefront
10) Wood collector's plates
Wood collector's plates
11) Author's trolldozer
Author's trolldozer
12) belt sander modified sanders
Belt sander modified sanders
13) Pencil alphabet
Pencil alphabet
14) Author and wood hat
Author and wood hat
15) Ship pulley
Ship pulley
16) Toothpick city
Toothpick city
17) Olson guitar bodies
Olson guitar bodies
18) Wood shed at Cremona luthier
Cremona luthier
19) steinway key cutaway
Steinway key cutaway
20) Handwork at Steinway
Handwork at Steinway
21) Trebuchet at Warwick Castle
Trebuchet at Warwick Castle
22) spruce goose floating
Spruce Goose floating
23) Spruce Goose flying
Spruce Goose flying
24) wood water pipe
Wood water pipe
25) Illustr. of boring out water pipe
Illustr. of boring out water pipe
26) Old wooden railway and track
Old wooden railway and track
27) lumberjack cross cut
Lumberjack cross cut
28) underhand chop female 2
Underhand chop
29) Hot saw competition
29) Hot saw competition


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