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A Splintered History of Wood examines this remarkable substance and the stories it has to tell. Whether it’s unlocking the secrets behind a Stradivarius violin, visiting the world’s most extraordinary woodworkers or entering a belt sander race, author Spike Carlsen carves out fifty-five stories in which wood plays the starring role. Woodworkers, history buffs, musicians, sports fans and those simply interested in the world around them, are sure to find stories that entertain and inform.


Howard Hughes’ legendary Spruce Goose was many things:
gigantic, controversial, expensive, one of a kind. But there was one thing it was not: spruce—at least not 95% of it. The only portions of the aircraft created from spruce were the spars used to support the wings. The primary wood used was birch. But a name like “Birch Perch” clearly lacked the poetic imagery of the settled-on nickname. Read More >>


A Brief Desciption
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